Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meditation & Positive Thinking


Before I tell you how to do the Meditation,let’s first understand the dictionary meaning of word”Meditation”.If you open the dictionary to find the meaning of word “Meditation”,you will find that the origin of this word has come from a latin root meditari which means ‘to contemplate’.And,to contemplate means’to think carefully about’.

Similarly,let’s explore the origin of Hindi translation of Meditation i.e.’DHYAN’.This word has its origin in Sanskrit root ‘DHYAE CHINTAYAM’which again means ‘to think deeply ‘ or ‘to contemplate’.

Now,the big question is “To Contemplate on What?”,”To Think Deeply on What?”So,in order to do the Meditation,you should have a ‘Subject’,you should have a set of thoughts,you should have a chain of thoughts to focus upon.

If the subject or topic chosen by you is NEGATIVE,then the process of contemplation with your eyes closed is not Meditation,Rather, the
Process in that case could be called CHINTA or WORRY.

But,if the topic chosen by you in the process of contemplation is POSITIVE,then the process is said to be Meditation.

So,there is an inseperable link between Meditation and Positive Thinking.If your behaviour is Positive,then your thinking is positive and then it is far easier for you to practice Meditation regularly.
And,if you practice Meditation regularly on Positive Subjects,then your thinking starts to become more & more Positive & as a result your behaviour starts reflecting a Positive Personality.

Mukul Chaudhri

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